The Humble Brick

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The Humble Brick

There is nothing humble about the brick as Sarah Huelin, Marketing & Design Manager of the Brick Development Association (BDA) explains ‘Brick is one of the most successful materials ever devised. It’s been used to shape the build environment since the beginning of civilisation and has proven itself time and time again ( as fashions come and go ). Brick is made locally by the community and for the local area with natural resources, minimising impact on the environment. It can be crushed and recycled on site – and old lime mortar bricks can be cleaned up and used again as bricks. Disused brick quarries are often returned to areas of natural beauty, encouraging wildlife’


……..she concludes: ’Quite simply, we all love brick, and it’s a favourite with architects and developers too. After all, there is a great deal of choice with around 1200 types of brick produced in the UK alone. On versatility and pure aesthetics, few rivals, come even close. Not only are brick buildings warm & secure, they are versatile and can be extended and adapted readily, cost little to maintain and offer long term building performance’.

Entrance Bay_2


Brick is particularly suited to the British climate and we at Plans 4 your home also consider it our primary building material for our clients as the example above shows.

Take a look at the Brick Development Association website and see why brick is UK’s first building material of choice.

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