Presentation – 3D Modelling

House plans or drawings are the visual design information we produce to make it possible to build a house extension, loft or cellar conversion, house remodelling or even new build at any of the 4 design stages of concept design, planning, building regulation or construction. Each stage requires different levels of detail be it as concept visuals and outline house plans, 3D models, detailed house plans with elevations/sections and construction detail drawings.

In the old days these drawings were produced by pencil or ink on paper and tracing paper or laterly in 2D CAD. In the 21st Century this is changing as 3D BIM (Building Information Model) technology is establishing itself offering exciting possibilities for architectural designers allowing us to clearly demonstrate our design proposals to our clients through not only detailed Plans and Elevations + Sections but also as ‘photo real’ visuals as well as ‘fly overs’ or ‘walk throughs’,etc. It can also produce additional data information such as window/door schedules, building materials & energy analysis, etc when required.


We also use a unique AR ‘augmented reality’ presentation technique which presents your house extension, remodelling or new build in a 3d projection on a piece of card which you can take away with you & view on your own laptop.

AR works augmented reality in action

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